Welcome to Alison Moss Speech and Language Therapist

Alison Moss is an experienced speech and language therapist specialising in stroke and brain injury.

Alison Moss can provide speech and language assessment, advice and therapy for adults with communication difficulties as a result of stroke or brain injury. 

This includes treatment of:

Aphasia/dysphasia - Word Finding Difficulties
                                           Problems Understanding                   
                                           Reading and Writing Difficulties

Dysarthria -                   Slurred Speech
                                           Facial Weakness

Speech and language therapy can help to maximise your speech recovery following a stroke or brain injury and Alison will work with you and your family to provide an individually tailored therapy programme at your home or location convenient to you.

Alison is committed to keeping up to date with best clinical practise and has a genuine passion for helping those people living with a communication disability.